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Tesla Bot's Leg Actuator Lifting A Grand Piano

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News: Tesla Bot's Leg Actuator Lifting A Grand Piano

The company has just released a new video showcasing one of Tesla Bot's leg actuators lifting a grand piano off the floor while Tesla's Principal Motor Designer, Konstantinos Laskaros, performs Chopin's famous nocturne. The actuator is suspended above the piano and attached to a harness, allowing it to lift the 500-pound instrument approximately one foot off the ground while Konstantinos continues to play.

The Tesla Bot will be five feet and eight inches tall and weigh 125 pounds, according to the technical details revealed during AI Day last month. The robot will have a total of 40 electromechanical actuators, including 12 in each of its arms, legs, and hands, and two in its neck and torso. In addition to its face, it will have a display screen and two-axis feet for maintaining balance.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, stated that the humanoid robot could go on sale within the next three to five years, despite the fact that the company still has a great deal of work to do before it is ready for primetime. And if leg pressing a grand piano is any indication of early success, the company appears to be advancing.




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