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Piano Age Calculator

Know more about pianos

Choose your pricing plan


7 $

Ideal for piano owners who need one-time information

  • no registration

  • if you only need one-time information about a piano and do not wish to register or select a package, you can use a fast payment link and we will email you the result


12 $

Best for piano technicians, professionals

  • age, factory and brand information

  • continuously updated database

  • unlimited serial number requests

  • valid for one year, auto-renewal subscription (yearly)

  • cancel anytime


9 $

Best for piano technicians, professionals

  • find out how old is your piano

  • where was made

  • brand and factory information

  • one time payment with end date, no needs cancelation

  • unlimited requests

  • valid for one month



30 $/30 min.

Ideal for anyone seeking a live consultation with a qualified piano expert.

One of our most successful professional packages, as it provides you with reliable answers and assistance from an international expert, all at a very low cost. You will receive answers to numerous questions that will help you understand your piano better or, if you are looking to buy one, gain the knowledge you need to determine exactly what you need and which piano is best suited for you.

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