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Pianodrome has become an international attraction

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News: pianodrom in North Carolina.

With a residency at Charlotte SHOUT! in North Carolina, Pianodrome has become an international attraction. Pianodrome's creators, Tim Vincent-Smith and Matt Wright, live in Edinburgh and built the first amphitheatre out of recycled pianos six years ago. The Pianodrome has entertained in a variety of shapes and sizes in the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, The Pitt, the Old Royal High, and originally as a tiny version in Fountainbridge. The duo traveled to the United States to teach artists and builders for the American version of the community event. Both are musicians, and the plan is to create a place for them to perform.

The motto of Pianodrome is "No piano is waste, and no person is un-musical," and the creators envision the Pianopticon - a transnational network of Pianodrome amphitheatres as an environmentally friendly alternative to excessive touring.

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