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Roland made a piano with flying drone speakers

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News: piano with flying drone speakers

Four drone speakers in a matching wood finish are made to work with the 50th Anniversary Concept Piano and are meant to float in the air above and around the instrument. Due to the drones' ability to "operate on a low latency dedicated communication channel," they can produce sounds that are perfectly in time with those coming from the piano's speakers, and the pianist can direct their movement as needed. Drone technology appears to be based on the preexisting Roland PureAcoustic Ambience technology; consequently, there is theoretical digital modeling of the speakers' operation. It’s got all the hallmarks of the no-apologies, completely futuristic approach to imagining how to make digital tech expand what even acoustic traditions can do. Some of the modeling and low-latency Bluetooth (they built their own protocol) does sound like something we’ll see in a Roland product, though maybe floating speakers, not so much.

When you open the piano's lid, you'll find a large screen that can be used to display sheet music, make adjustments to the piano's settings or sound profile, or even access lessons for those just getting started with the piano. This is paired with a keyboard that simulates the feel of playing a piano with real mechanical hammers inside.




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