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Piano Age Calculator

Know more about pianos

If you only need one-time information about a piano and do not wish to register or select a package, you can use this fast payment link and we will email you the result: fast payment link

Choose your pricing plan

  • Basic

    Perfect for piano owners to check their piano age
    Valid for one month
    • find out how old is your piano
    • where was made
    • brand and factory information
    • one time payment with end date, no need for cancelation
    • *is not valid for the use of the phone app
  • Pro

    Every year
    Best for piano technicians, professionals, piano teachers
    • age, factory and brand information
    • continuously updated database
    • unlimited serial number requests
    • auto-renewal subscription (yearly), cancel anytime
    • *is not valid for the use of the phone app
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