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Paper piano: ideas are growing rapidly

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The ease and low cost with which NFC applications may be integrated into plastic films or paper are constantly being improved.

Paper piano

These new techniques offer an astonishing number of new uses in advertising, educational assistance, and gaming. The paper piano demonstrates the incredible capabilities of this technology.

"To demonstrate some capabilities we developed a simple application: the paper piano. It is a mainly printed hybrid device, which allows you to play on an 8-key- piano music via your mobile phone. It's really only an example what's possible in this technology world" Friedrich Eibensteiner, CEO of prelonic said.

What is the mechanism through which NFC operates? NFC isn't a brand-new invention. RFID (radio frequency identification) technology has been available for decades and is merely being refined. Accessing an office building or hotel room with a key card is a very common experience. Although NFC has a maximum range of just a few millimeters, it does not have the same capabilities as Bluetooth. You'll also discover that in most smartphone-related applications, the software will only begin communication if there is physical touch between the device and the program. Printed content at the paper is equipped with push buttons connecting to the mobile device. As the technology is being utilized to convey sensitive data, this is extremely crucial.



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