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MIT throws the 50th piano from the roof of the residence hall

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News: MIT throws the 50th piano from the roof of the residence hall

The "Baker House Piano Drop," a tradition that involves pushing a piano off the roof of the Baker House dormitory hall on campus, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge. According to Donner, no working pianos were harmed in the commemoration of this lighthearted tradition. Pianos used at the event, she explained, "are all broken and beyond repair." When Charlie Bruno, class of 1974, had to deal with the problem of hauling a broken piano from Baker House, the Baker House Piano Drop was born.

When someone first suggested they throw the piano out of the window, the plan went awry because the MIT student handbook forbids students from doing so.

Bruno, however, discovered that the handbook did not mention throwing anything off the roofs of dorms.

In accordance with a previously approved motion, the piano was lowered to its initial position from the roof.

The custom is now observed on "Drop Day," the final day for spring semester MIT students to drop classes.

Modern Piano Drops are carried out under proper supervision, with clear perimeters and warnings to Baker House residents to keep their windows closed, as is the case with modern Piano Drops.

Scavenging the remains of the piano after it crashes to Earth is encouraged for students to take home a piece of memorabilia.




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