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W.Biese piano

 W. Biese piano

Founded: 1851 in Berlin, Germany.
Actual status: out of production
Age:  W.Biese piano serial numbers

What we know about Biese pianos?

On April 20, 1822, Wilh. Biese was born in Rathenow, attended the city school and began an apprenticeship with the instrument maker Schulz at the age of 14. On March 1, 1851, he began working as a piano maker in Berlin. W. Biese did not stay in Berlin, he looked for his "further education" abroad: in 1862 and 1867 he visited London and Paris. Outstanding Parisian artists gave him "the most brilliant judgments" for his instruments. The specialty of his company was the pianino. “His never-resting mind devised many improvements, and his work in this field was so successful that the pianinos von Biese were soon among the best that had been achieved in this field. The abundance and poetry of sound characterized his instruments and made them more and more popular ”. In 1873, Biese sold the company to Richard Wolkenhauer, Stettin, but bought it back not too long.

The production number was remarkable: in 1876 the 8,000 instrument was made, in 1902 the 20,500 instrument. The old master Biese still belongs to that old, capable tribe of piano makers who do not leave an instrument out of the magazine that has not been thoroughly checked by them. The hard work of the jubilee is admirable, who, in spite of his old age, is still active in the factory from morning to night ”. Yes, even on the morning of the day he died, November 14th, he was busy in the factory. Then "all of a sudden because of a lack of air" death occurred.

After the death, the new owner of the company was registered by the commercial court: Dr. Johann Karl Gottfried Leopold Hans Biese, the assistant doctor at the University Ear Clinic in Giessen. It was not until 1907 that grand pianos began to be built in the piano factory.

Dr. med. Hans Biese left the company in 1908 and settled in Düsseldorf as a specialist. The architect R. Sinnig, Mr. Bluth's brother-in-law, joined the company - until he left in 1935. Around 29,300 instruments had been manufactured by 1945. Until 1948 the business was looked after by Mr. Bluth, which was then taken over by Reinhold Schröther in 1951. Almost 4,000 instruments were made in the period after World War II until production ceased in 1976.

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