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Piano Technician

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Job Summary: The Piano Technician is responsible for support the School of Music programs by maintaining all TCU pianos including general tuning, repair and concert tuning and preparation; including students in piano technology.

Duties & Essential Job Functions: 1. Maintains operation of pianos by establishing maintenance and repair schedules; completing preventive maintenance requirements; following operations manuals and manufacturer's instructions; tuning and preparing pianos for concerts. 2. Repairs pianos by discussing problems with users; replacing or adjusting functional parts, using hand and power tools. 3. Provides instruction by teaching piano technology, evaluating techniques and making recommendations for improvement to students. 4. Documents inventory by recording additions, disbursements, adjustments, losses, and removals of items. 5. Supervises student workers and/or temporary employees by training them how to support projects and delegating assignments. 6. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Required Education & Experience: Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience. 2 years professional experience in concert tuning, regulation and voicing.

Preferred Education & Experience: None

Required Licensure/Certification/Specialized Training: None

Preferred Licensure, Certification, and/or Specialized Training: RPT classification in Piano Technicians Guild.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities: Knowledge of teaching practices in piano technology. Knowledge of customer service techniques. Knowledge of interpersonal communication techniques. Knowledge of instruction, facilitation, and training techniques as applied to music. Skill in general tuning, repair and maintenance of pianos. Ability to supervise and coordinate a program of piano maintenance. Ability to perform concert tuning, regulating and voicing.