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Bechstein donates 16 pianos

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Bechstein donates pianos

Lebanon's Beirut National Conservatory has received donations of six grand pianos and ten upright pianos from the Carl Bechstein foundation.

The piano maker has given them to the stricken music school in order to help them get back on their feet after a devastating explosion in the city a year and a half ago.

More than 250 schools were either severely damaged or completely destroyed in the August 2020 explosion, which claimed the lives of more than 200 people.

At various locations all over Lebanon, the Beirut National Conservatory offers free music lessons to more than 6,000 children and young people.

Lebanese cultural life relies heavily on the conservatory.

National Conservatory President Walid Moussallem was all smiles when he said: : “You have given us an invaluable gift that will now be part of our history and our musical culture. Your precious donation gives us hope and joy at a very dark moment in our history.”

Lebanese pianist Abdul Rachman El Bacha will perform a benefit concert in Vienna's Ehrbar Saal on Tuesday, March 22, at the invitation of the Carl Bechstein Foundation.



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